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From: Ryan Dale, Forex Insider

Fellow Wealth Seeker,

The people that say money does not buy happiness are broke...

Are you one of them?

Making money has been a great past time for me and I consider myself blessed with all the good fortune I am enjoying now.

But being blessed alone will not take you anywhere if you don't take the initiative to actually learn and take action into doing what you know about making money.

My name is Ryan and I have been trading Forex coming close to 5 years and it has been a good fruitful 5 years I can say.

You will understand more as you continue reading.

I am a Masters graduate in Statistics and for the past 5 years....

I've spent countless hours researching the Forex database in a pursuit to develop a foolproof Forex system.

About a year ago, I successfully completed my research and cracked the code to a mind blowing FOOLPROOF Forex system that generates an obscene amount of money for me.

I wish I could just have 15 minutes to sit down with you....

....face to face to personally explain to you why the Forex industry holds a goldmine of opportunity for people like you and me to make all the income we could possibly wish for.

Whether you are looking for a full time income or a second income or any kind income to feel comfortable with your life....

....and make a pile of extra cash everyday doing the easiest job in the world, you are going to love what you are about to find out.


Making more than $5,000 per month doing the easiest job in the world!

Hi Ryan,

This system has made me so much money every month and with my limited knowledge and understanding about the financial market, Its a big thing for me and I am all bust with confident every single day.

Jamie Scott - NJ, USA


Before we get to what you are about to find out, it is important that I make this very clear to you.

This is NOT those no-use piece of information that you can find scattered on the internet and this is not a piece of software that cost you an arm to purchase that does not do as what it promised.

I am sure you know what I mean.


Forex Insider PRO Is NOT....

It is NOT MLM System or a get rich scheme program
It is NOT a 85 pages manual or an ebook
It is NOT a 10 hour VCD or DVD tutorial
It is NOT a scam or any illegal system
It's not like any other Forex robot that does not work


Take A Look At The Live Trading Report From 2009 to The Latest 2011

Keep in mind that all these are done 100% hands free without having to go to work or to hate your job.


A Fool-Proof Automated Forex System That Will Generate Obscene Amount of Money For You - GUARANTEED!

A system designed for big profit with little capital (as low as $250)
You don't have to know anything about Forex trading, the system will do all for you.
Automated system working for you 24/7
Takes less than 5 minutes to set up
Easiest way to make pile of cash every day
Proven to have high accuracy rate
Perfect for those seeking additional income or full time income
Works worldwide and perfect for any brokers, all you need is any Forex account.


100% Profitable Trades - $6,528.44 in Profit


Let My Robot Be Your Slave To Make You All The Money That You Need

Having a winning system is the major difference between those that build wealth and those that fail.

Now listen carefully

I'm not trying to seduce your sense or selling you dreams.....

If you want to make an incredible amount of money in the quickest and most exciting way possible without requiring any special skills…

And on AUTOPILOT without lifting your finger.....

This is going to be your lucky day!

Would you like to make money whenever you want?

I am not talking about working your ass off every day doing your mundane 9 - 5 work.

What I am about to reveal to you is so easy and you will be making the kind of money you have always wished for and the best part of it... can do it whenever you want.

I don't intend to spend my whole life working like a mule after completing my Masters.

I wanted to live a free and no stress life - the life without any fear of not having enough money to spend.

Having studied Statistics does help in some way.

I am pretty good with numbers and I always knew that our whole life evolves around numbers.

When a friend of mine introduce me to Forex 5 years ago, it was the turning point in my life and I immediately know that I have found my ticket to my dream.


How Does ForexInsiderPRO Work

ForexInsiderPRO takes all of the guess work out of forex trading and consistently hands you winning trades.

You basically DON'T have to do anything after installing it into your PC!


User friendly even if you are a Forex newbie

Runs 24/7 after successfully install into your PC

Auto installer for easy installation (less than 5 minute to install)

Fully integrated risk based money management function

Works automatically with 4 and 5 digit brokers

Support ECN brokers

"Set and Forget" system - You set it up once and walk away


100% Profitable Trades - $8,380.12 in Profit


$9981.98 Profit In One Month


Easiest Way To Profit

I have put together a system that is easy to set up and understand for you to benefit.

 Forex Insider PRO just takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Once set up, you are on your way to making the easiest money you have ever seen before....

This is a "Set and Forget" system and even a Forex newbie will be able to fully benefit from it.

This is the actual system that I personally use to making more than $8,000 per month...

And today, thousands of people have fully benefit from it and making some decent profit using it.



Thousand of People Have Been Making Good Profit Using ForexInsiderPRO and You Can't Be Wrong About It!

Easiest Way To Earn From Forex

Hi Ryan,

This is the best system and it is so easy to use - I basically just set it up and let it run.

This robot has been doing good for me and so far, it does what it is suppose to do to make money for me.

Many thanks!

Andy Song - Singapore


Great Source For Second Income

Hi Ryan,

For once, I have found a system that promise to make me a second income.

This is all possible with Forex Insider PRO because it is a fully automated system that runs after setting it up.

It does not need a lot of my time and making me some good profit over the month.

Govind Preet - Seremban, Malaysia


Good Clean System That Makes Money

Hi Ryan,

I am very impressed with the system. Simple and easy to set up and all I need to do is to check on my account once in awhile to see how it is doing.

This is by far the best Forex system as it does return me some decent profit for my small investment.

Anna Jacob - Melbourne, Australia

This is a perfect and proven system if you are looking for a second income or even a full time income.

It is ideal for those who wants to start working from home.

This system has been tested and proven to make you good money from trading Forex.


Making Money On Autopilot

Forex Insider PRO is a unique software that will work to make you money in Forex on autopilot even while you are asleep.

Let this be your slave to make you money!


Start working for you like your slave immediately after you set it up.

No human intervention needed on your part

Work all round the clock - NON-STOP

Set and forget - Only check when you need to know how much profit you have made


Forex Insider Pro is built with constant profit in mind.

It has been tested over 2 years of intense research and testing on historical data and numerous winning strategy.

All these has been done before I decide to put this software for your use.

This is the best ever system that you will ever need to start making money from the Forex Exchange at the comfort of your own home....

I Guarantee it!

And YES....

You can literally work from your home.

Forex Insider PRO is unlike any other work at home program that tells you could be rich without doing anything.

If that's really true, everybody would be doing it right from my great grand uncle right down to the homeless guy down the corner of the street.

Forex Insider PRO is nothing like that!

Forex Insider Pro is a system that will not die off like any other system.

This automated system will keep on making money for you anytime you use it even if you are new to Forex.


Your Chance To Claim Financial Freedom

Millions of dollars are being made in the markets every day.

The people that say money does not buy happiness are broke...

Sorry to be so straight forward, but it is the truth!

How much does it worth to you if you could be making so much more from what you are doing today?

Doing something so easy and making more from what the normal average Joe is earning?

Making all the income from the comfort of your own home?

Forex Insider PRO is going to make it all possible for you.

When you buy Forex Insider PRO, you are actual buying your ticket to financial freedom.

This will change your live immediately!

Think about all the things you dream of doing and buy and ask yourself that will you ever come close to getting them with your current status.

If your answer is NO, then you need to start planning for something big real quick.

Any smart sensible person would gladly pay a hefty price for this but I am going to surprise you.

Unlike other work at home program or Forex system that cost you an arm plus of which more than 90% of it does not actually deliver what it promise....

You can secure your own copy of my Automated Forex System at a promotional launch price of $97.

However, it will not be for long and I am obligated to raise it back to its normal price of $197 after the launch is over.


 Your Full Sixty Days Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

To make your investment secured, I will include my "No Question Ask" Personal Guarantee.

If by any chance you believe this system does not live up to its promise of making you any profit after using it, simply just delete it from your PC and I will refund you 100%

You have everything to win and nothing to lose with Forex Insider PRO

Forex Insider PRO is a Software and not an eBook. They are ordered online, and delivered instantly to your computer. You save money with no shipping, no taxes, and the lowest prices. Forex Insider PRO™ can be downloaded in just seconds and accessed on any PC or Macintosh computer.


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